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Crossbody Style Bags

  1. Glazed Cafe

    Glazed Leather Sonoma Mailbag

    Regular Price: $230.00

    Special Price $150.00

  2. Indigo Coated Canvas

    Carina Zip iPad Crossbody

    Regular Price: $143.00

    Special Price $50.00

  3. Vachetta Cafe

    Leather Turnlock Cross Body

    Regular Price: $160.00

    Special Price $90.00

    [ more colors available ]
  1. Army Coated Canvas

    Carina iPad Crossbody

    Regular Price: $143.00

    Special Price $45.00

    [ more colors available ]
  2. Quilted Pocket Crossbody Bag

    Quilted Pocket Crossbody Bag
    [ more colors available ]

    Quilted Square Crossbody Handbag
    [ more colors available ]
  1. Green Whipstitch

    Carmel Whipstitch Crossbody

    Regular Price: $275.00

    Special Price $120.00

    [ more colors available ]
  2. Green Page

    Leather Page Mini Crossbody
    [ more colors available ]
  3. Vachetta Black

    Euro Leather Crossbody for iPad
    [ more colors available ]
  1. Sonoma Yellow

    Sonoma Crossbody Clutch
    [ more colors available ]
  2. Sonoma Glazed Orange

    Sonoma Smartphone Clutch
    [ more colors available ]
  3. Sonoma Ziptop Tote

    Sonoma Ziptop Tote
    [ more colors available ]
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Clava Crossbody Style Bags

Today's fast paced, tech-driven environment demands that you be hands free while you're on the go. This is why cross body bags have quickly become the hottest style in the handbag market. Stylish, practical and good for your body, a well-designed cross body purse is a great option for urban dwellers and mall shoppers alike.

Cross body bags have mass appeal and are available in a great assortment of styles and configurations. Whether you're looking for a cross body leather wallet-style bag or a full-size cross body purse, there's definitely a brilliant hands free option for you. The style of a cross body bag evenly distributes the weight of the bag across your body, keeping your back and shoulders from having to bear it all. Use a cross body handbag for a few days and they'll certainly be thanking you for the relief.

Originally borrowed from messenger style bags, cross body bags have become so popular, designers are even creating full sized handbags with the option of wearing it as a cross body bag. This is easy to do by way of an extra - sometimes removable - shoulder strap. If you think cross body bags are strictly utilitarian, think again. While a cross body purse is far from fussy, a petite version can work as a evening bag. Simply tuck the strap away - and voila - instant clutch! The versatility of a great cross body handbag will amaze you.