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Baby Shower Gifts

  1. CL Pink

    Heart Leather Luggage Tag

    Regular Price: $25.00

    Special Price $10.00

  2. Green Coated Canvas

    Wellie Market Tote
    [ more colors available ]
  3. RS White

    Wellie Racing Stripe Market Tote
    [ more colors available ]
  1. Navy Shiny Coated Canvas

    Wellie Market Tote with Anchor
    [ more colors available ]
  2. Silver

    Wellie Market Tote with Skull and Crossbones
    [ more colors available ]
  3. Neon Blue Shiny Coated Canvas

    Wellie Market Tote with Seahorse
    [ more colors available ]

    Wellie Ikat Market Tote
    [ more colors available ]

    Wellie Ikat Resort Tote
    [ more colors available ]
  3. Green Anchors

    Wellie Anchors Resort Tote
  1. Green Anchors

    Wellie Anchors Pattern Market Tote

    Wellie Chevron Market Tote

    Regular Price: $65.00

    Special Price $32.50

    [ more colors available ]

    Wellie Chevron Resort Tote

    Regular Price: $75.00

    Special Price $37.50

    [ more colors available ]
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Clava Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are always so much fun! Not only because your best friend, neighbor, or relative is expecting her baby, but it’s a time for you to honor that pregnant lady with a gift she will treasure forever. Yes, some women may have a baby shower registry at a local store close to where she lives. And items that she has selected for that registry are probably all gifts for the baby. But what about mamma? And what about not leaving home and shopping online for that perfect baby shower gift?

You can certainly go to your favorite department store and buy baby bibs, blankets, or onesies. But if you really want to honor that precious female at her baby shower, consider this. Buy her a personalized and monogrammed gift from you that is only for her. And you can have it shipped to your home, and then gift wrap it and take it to the baby shower. I’m sure your specially selected gift that has been personalized for her will bring tears to her eyes when you present it to her.

It’s not that your goal is to make her cry. But if you know anything about her, she will treasure your gift selection forever and ever. Plus, it will have her name or her initials monogrammed on that special gift, which she will treasure forever.

Let me ask you this: when was the last time that someone gave YOU a gift that had your name engraved or monogrammed on it?

Selecting just the perfect baby gift is something that you want to give as much thought to as you did when you were choosing a gift for the couple’s wedding or the bridal shower. It is not unusual for celebrities and people who believe in traditions to purchase an item to give at a baby shower that is not just for the immediate future. Long ago, women accumulated items and thoughtfully placed them in a cedar chest that the child or someone in the family would use many years later.

What if…you were to give such a gift to that special woman and her baby at the baby shower? At clava.com, we’re a family-owned business and we believe in tradition. What better tradition is it than to buy a personalized gift that will never be forgotten?