Leather Legend

Clava leathers are hand selected based on three main qualities: color, clarity, and weight. Only the best grades of leather are chosen to manufacture our products. However due to the organic nature of leather, color variations, scratches, wrinkles and veins are natural features of the skin. These are not qualified as defects and are considered your best guarantee of its authenticity.


Rugged, casual styling with “buttery” hand. Naked and natural. All Colors feature antiqued brass fittings. Available in black, tan and café.
Vachetta Black
Vachetta Cafe
Vachetta Tan


Rich and luxurious. Slightly textured and wonderfully soft to the touch. Black features nickel fittings. Tan and Café feature brass fittings.
Tuscan Black
Tuscan Tan
Tuscan Cafe
Tuscan Russet Red w/ Contrast
Tuscan Cafe w/ Contrast
Tuscan Black w/ Contrast
Tuscan Red w/ Contrast


Refined, smooth leather with slight patina. For a more modern appeal. Stiffer feel and more structured. Available in black and café. All colors feature nickel hardware.
Quinley Black
Quinley Tan
Quinley Cafe


Heavyweight, structured and very durable. Smooth with slight patina which deepens with use. Available in black (with nickel hardware) and cognac (with brass hardware).
Bridle Black
Bridle Cognac
Bridle Tan
Bridle Green
Bridle Red
Bridle Blue
Bridle Pink

Glazed Italian

Sophisticated and sleek. Highly polished and formal. Available in glazed black and glazed cognac. All colors feature brass fittings.
Glazed Black
Glazed Cognac

Clava Leather Collection

Clava's unique collection of leather, available in a variety of rich colors.
CL Black
CL Red
CL Green
CL Blue
CL Pink

Colored Vachetta Collection

Rugged, casual Vachetta cafe leather set against beautiful colors.
CV Pink w/ Cafe
CV Blue w/ Cafe
CV Green w/ Cafe

Canvas Color

Khaki canvas with rich cafe brown leather accents for a warm and rugged look.
Khaki Canvas w/ Cafe

Racing Stripe Collection

Bold and daring color combinations that look sharp and stand out.