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Leather Garment Bags

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Clava Leather Garment Bags

Your Sunday (or Thursday) best deserves its own special place when traveling. Garment bags offer a neat, separate spot for dresses, gowns, suits, shirts and more. A slim leather garment bag will hold one suit and perhaps an additional shirt, making them perfect for car trips or overnight stays. Leather garment bags are lightweight, sleek and easy to transport. Leather carry on garment bags are great for airline travel. After all, you wouldn't want to stuff your freshly starched shirts into a tiny piece of luggage. A slim leather garment cover that is carry on approved will stay with you on the plane, so your garments arrive just as neatly as you packed them.

To help reduce wrinkling during your extended stays, a larger, rolling leather garment bag should get the job done. Neat and light packers sometimes rely soley on rolling garment bags, utilizing the extra pockets for undergarments and one or two pairs of shoes. When shopping for garment bags, you'll want to consider length. If you plan on carrying a dress, or you're extra tall, look for gown bags that are longer so your clothing does not bunch up along the bottom and wrinkle.

Travel isn't the only time you might need a leather garment bag. When heading to special events, you don't want to wrinkle your outfit along the way. A slim leather garment cover will keep your ensemble safe until you're ready to make your debut.